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Candi Girls are great to redress. They look fantastic in low-cut gowns (remember they have collar bones!), but also in just about everything else. They can sit in a chair with their legs crossed. They have separated fingers and even fingernails. There is no constraint to your imagination when you work with these dolls.

This page is dedicated to fashion doll artists around the world. Follow the links to see more of their work. Enjoy these beautiful dolls ... and let them inspire you create your own.

If you would like to share pictures of your own Candi Girl designs I would be happy to feature you here. Just email me to work out a way of transportation. You can even send me pictures via snail mail - I do not mind scanning them. :-)


[Kathrin Müller] Kathrin Müller
Page updated 01/02/98

View more of her beautiful designs at Jule's Homepage.

[Peg Jin] Peg Jin
Page updated 21/01/99

Enjoy more of Peg's creations at Peg's Homepage.

[Greg Ruff] Greg Ruff
Page updated 10/05/98

[Faye Washington] Faye Washington
Page updated 10/05/98

Follow this link to see more of Faye's Fashions at her own web site.

[Mark Middendorf] Mark Middendorf
Page updated 03/23/98

Also, be sure to stop by at Mark Middendorf's site.

[Imelda Sanchez] Imelda Sanchez
Page updated 10/05/98

View more of Imelda's designs at her and Dorothy's web site, Living Dolls.

[Anja Drewitz] Anja Drewitz
Page updated 03/07/99

There are some more dolls at my Karfunkel site.

[Don Meindl] Don Meindl
Page updated 10/05/98

[Your Doll?] Your Name?
Here's space for featuring your designs, too.

[Miki Gross] Miki Gross
Candi Girl Paper Art
Page updated 09/28/97


[Candi photo] [Candi photo] Links for crafty doll lovers

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Last updated January 21, 1999