CandiChat Swap

At the end of January 1999, members of CandiChat mailing list took part in our first Candi swap. Participants sent a Candi outfit representing their home country / state and a short (or long) story about their home country / state. We did not exchange dolls (to cut down on postage) but creativity and fun ideas.

On this page, you can see some of the pretty creations that resulted. I will add more pictures and stories as soon as I get them. Enjoy! :-)

A year or so ago, we already had another Candi swap at the old CandiLand mailing list. It would be nice to collect pictures on a web site, too. Contributions welcome!


Candi visits Michigan

Made by Augie for Michelle.

[Candi enjoys skiing] [apres-ski outfit] Candi explores the country on skis kept warm and comfortable by her new snow suit. She has also brought along an extra outfit to relax in the evenings.


Candi greetings from Florida

Made by Michelle for Augie.

[Everything for a day at the beach ...] Fun in the sun on South Beach.
[... and a glamorous night in town.] Nights are hot in the Magic City.
[Florida-style package] Swap gift is nicely packaged in a folder.
[Overview: Florida info and gift package] Lots of info about Florida.


Candi at the Parada del Sol

Made by Jennifer from Arizona for Anja.

[Candi in pink & black cowgirl outfit]
[cowgirl - another view]

Here in the desert Southwest the Parada del Sol Rodeo is a "must do" annual event. It's been going on for nearly 100 years. Socially savvy Candi attends this gala celebration of western spirit in her spiffy black and pink "Rhinestone Cowgirl" outfit. After watching the bull-riding and barrel racing, and checking out all the cute cowboys, she enters the country dance contest. It's no surprise to anyone that the lovely Candi girl wins the two-step contest hand down.


Funkemarieche Candi

Made by Anja from Germany for Jennifer.

[dancing Funkemarieche]
[another view of Funkemarieche]
[box front]
[box back]

Karneval (carnival) is the "fifth season" in the Rhein area. From November 11th to Aschermittwoch (Ash Wednesday), there are all sort of humorous activities like masquerade parties and sessions with satirical political talks and music.

Candi celebrates Karneval as the dancing "Marieche" from the "Kölner Rote Funken" guards. This predominantly male group of carnival activists was founded in Köln in 1823 and is an important element of carnival traditions. There was a time when "Marie" had been male, too. Nowadays she is the guard's only woman and a central figure of carnival in the Rhein area.

Our pretty Candi Girl has been practising all year round and now she and her dashing guards officer dance at all the major carnival sessions. They receive a souvenir medal from each session.

Finally, Candi joins the guards' waggon at the carnival procession on Rosenmontag (Monday before Lent). She greats people with a heartily "Kölle Alaaf" and generously throws "Bützche" (kisses) and "Kamelle" (drops) to her admirers. This is the highlight and end of the carnival season. All too sudden it will be Aschermittwoch and Funkemarieche Candi will say good-bye ... until next time ... "Kölle Alaaf"!


Oriental Intelligentsia

Made by Sue from New Zealand for Melissa.

[Nicely wrapped ... ]
[... and nicely packaged.]
[Jeans and oriental style top]
[Candi in front of map]

Palazzo pants and an oriental asymmetrical bodice make up the main two pieces of this outfit. University women in Wellington celebrate the different facets of New Zealand culture. Rather than traditionally following a Pacific Island theme, I thought it would be interesting to take up the style of the inner-city Wellington landscape. Wellington is rural (compared to New York) yet sophisticated in a truly New Zealand sense. Often you find stereo-typed people breaking the mold to wear clothing outside their traditional culture. The read hair piece is to be pushed into a ponytail--hair pieces are quite an easy way to add difference--something that Wellingtonians thrive on.


Candi in Maryland

Made by Melissa for Sue.

[slacks and red top]
[another view of the flower outfit]
[Postcard scan]
Postcard with state flag and state flowers.

Maryland is a place Candi enjoys visiting. It's within easy reach of the nation's capitol, Washington D.C., yet far enough to avoid most of the political hustle and bustle. It has many historic sights, including Fort Mettenry in Baltimore, where our national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner", was penned. Maryland is home to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. It also has many beautiful rural areas with tobacco barns and Black-Eyed Susans. And of course, there is the famous Chesapeake Bay with its wonderful crab houses serving delicious crab cakes.

On this visit, Candi is wearing golden yellow slacks and a shirt with matching back patterned after the state flag and the state flower. She's planning to visit rural Maryland and find a nice crab house for lunch.


Mexican Style

Sent from Dorothy to Jule.

[long red mexican style gown with sombrero] Dorothy lives in Tucson, Arizona. Tucson is a multi cultural city, and the dress is fashioned after the Folklorcia dance dress.



Made by Jule from Germany for Dorothy.

[contemporary dirndl in red & green] [dirndl - another view]

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