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Candi Girl Paper Art Gallery - sketch by Markus Gerwinski 
          [jpeg, 7kB]

The logo above has been contributed by comic artist, writer and physicist Markus Gerwinski. Thanks, Markus!

Below you see some of Miki Kopitz's wonderful Candi Girl drawings. Miki is an American fashion artist who worked for stores in Indianapolis and Seattle. After spending some years in Austria, she now lives in Florida.
I guess that many of you are familiar with Miki's artwork. She contributed several drawings to a well-known magazine for Bar*ie doll collectors. Also, she has done lots of sketches for Paul David's catalog. Miki has been featured in the "Meet a Collector" column of Bar*ie Bazaar magazine September / October 1993.

I am sorry that the scans of Miki's and Markus' sketches are not as nice as the original artwork. The reason is the following:
There two file formats that are most common on the web and implemented in almost every browser, i.e. GIF and JPEG. As a rule of thumb, GIF is best for hard contrasts (e.g. black & white drawings) and JPEG is best for photos (soft color changes). For matter of principle, I do not want any GIF files at my site as long as there are patent problems. Consequently, all my pictures are JPEG files and I misuse JPEG to compress the black & white sketches, too.
I figure that GIF will be replaced by the new file format PNG which is free to use for everyone like JPEG (and even better than GIF :-). I am going to upload the sketches as PNG files later as time permits.

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