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CandiChat Mailing List

(Download CandiChat information in one file to read offline.)

CandiChat is an e-mail list for people interested in Candi Girl dolls. I hope it will be a friendly place on the net. BTW, here are a few pictures from our first Candi swap.

CandiChat is maintained by Anja Drewitz.

CandiChat is unmoderated. This means that mails will be forwarded to list subscribers "as is", without any censorship or filtering. However, individuals who cause flame wars or other severe disturbances and continue to do so even after being warned will be unsubscribed.

CandiChat list rules

Before you subscribe to CandiChat, please read this page to the end. If you do not agree with the list rules, don't subscribe.

Follow this link to find out how to subscribe.



List address

The list's address is <> - mail sent to this address will be forwarded to all subscribers.

What to send to CandiChat list

Comments on FS / WTB posts:

As said above, selling, buying or trading of doll-related items via the list is not objected to. However, to keep list traffic to a reasonable volume and make live easier both for those list members who want to shop and those who do not want to read ads, please:


For all members having maximum fun with CandiChat, please stick to the following "netiquette" rules which have a long tradition among "netizens", the inhabitants of computer networks:
Have fun with CandiChat!

How to subscribe

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Anja Drewitz, <>
Last updated July 7, 1998