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Candi Girls for 1997

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General comments:


Candi Couture Fashions

Italian Silk outfit in front of box [jpeg, 23kB] 12 extra outfits, everything from nightgown to Chanel suits and party dresses; $15 each. The fashions are limited to 250 each and appear to be available at Paul David's only.

Follow this link to more pictures. (new pictures added 03/07/99)


China Doll Candi Girl

Asian mold and black hair, turquoise lined and zippered dress; $20-25. red China Doll [jpeg, 20kB] blue China Doll [jpeg, 9kB]
Limited Edition of 3000; 400 of these wear red because they ran out of the turquoise fabric at the factory. ;-)


MiKelman Exclusive Candi Girls

6 different dolls & outfits; $60 each. Each design is a Limited Edition of 500. Success Dress and Confetti Candi Girl [jpeg, 43kB]
In this line there are:

Follow this link to more pictures.

[jpeg, 9kB] Here are some of the accessories that come with MiKelman Candi Girls. Stole and silver purse borrowed from Extravagance; black felt hat with pink ribbon trim, hat box, glasses, and black purse from Confetti; small red hat from Best Dress.


Candi Secrets

There has been a little confusion as to how many different Candi Secrets dolls exist. Now that I have received mine, I count a total of 10 different makeup and hair combinations. Since three of them are available with a choice of outfits, there are 13 dressed dolls altogether.

  1. Swedish in Sweet Dreams fashion.
    [jpeg, 15kB] [jpeg, 16kB]
    Platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, pink lips.
  2. Swedish with sandy blonde hair, green eyes, peach lips. Comes in one of these fashions:
  3. Danish in Petals and Polka Dots fashion.
    [jpeg, 20kB]
    Sandy blonde hair, violett eyes.
    Both the Swedish and the Danish face molds have a slightly open mouth smile.
  4. Danish in Blue Lacy Secrets fashion.
    Golden blonde hair, blue eyes.
  5. African-american in Sweet Dreams fashion.
    [jpeg, 13kB]
    New "honey" skin tone, "golden auburn" hair, blue eyes.
  6. Hispanic ("auburn-reddish" hair, blue eyes) Comes in one of these outfits: To me, she has the same makeup as Success Dress Candi Girl (but a different hair color, of course).
  7. Hispanic in Lilacs and Lace fashion.
    Vivid red hair styled into a bun, green eyes; limited to 300. Eyes & hair color are very similar to Confetti Candi's but lip color is different.
  8. Hispanic in Slumber Party P.J. fashion.
    Platinum blonde long hair, violet eyes.
  9. Hispanic in White Lacy Secrets fashion; red flower at waist (as opposed to the version with peach flower worn by Swedish Candi Girl).
    Blonde long hair, blue eyes. Has nice pink skin tone (so far seen only on asian and Swedish Candi Girls). I think this is the prettiest of the Candi Secrets dolls.
  10. Asian ("auburn-reddish" long hair) Comes in one of these fashions:

Candi Secrets Fashions [jpeg, 21kB] The outfits are also available separately; see "White Lacy Secrets" fashion at left. In addition, there are 4 fashions that do not come on a doll. These extra fashions are named:

BTW, the "Sweet Dreams" outfit is not the same as "Sweet Dreams" fashion from the Candi Couture line.

Now, what are the secrets of Candi Secrets dolls? This is left to your imagination. ;-) To me, the cute accessories hidden in the boxes are one. Each doll comes with a pair of shoes, one pillow, and a pink princess phone. The shoes are either plush slippers (only with Lavender & Lace fashion) or a new shoe mold. Here is a group shot of pillows and shoes taken from various Candi Secrets dolls: [jpeg, 11kB]


Christmas Candi 1997

Second in a series; she wears blue or red velvet with white fake fur trim at the bottom and a white fake fur stole. Has the Swedish head mold and comes with a choice of three hair colors (blonde, brunette, or redhead); $50 each. Brunette Dolls wear red velvet, blondes and redheads wear blue.

Warning! The blue shoes that come with the blue velvet gowns stain heavily. Even if you touch them with your fingers only and afterwards touch a doll there can be stains. On later boxes, there is a sticker stating that one should call HDS for replacement white shoes.


Santa's Helper

Candi Girl with Bubble-cut hairdo dressed as a Santa's helper (short red dress with white 'fur' trim). She has the Swedish head mold and comes as a blonde, brunette, or redhead; $25.


MiKelman Retro Candi Girls

[four Retro dolls with boxes; jpeg, 26kB] [all Retro Candis; jpeg, 69kB] Candi Girl with nostalgic Bubble-cut hair style. She is available as a platinum blonde, brunette, redhead, or african-american. Lip colors are red or pink for redheads and blondes, red lips for brunettes and pink lips for african-american Candi Girls, thus there are 6 different dolls.
[blonde / red lips; jpeg, 15kB] [blonde / pink lips; jpeg, 17kB] All dolls have the african-american face mold (including those with light skin tone). The series is limited to a total of 3300 dolls.
Here are black & white pictures of the prototype dolls, plus some portraits of the actual dolls. Note the Retro Candis dolls have a beauty mark.
blonde Retro Candi Girl [jpeg, 9kB] black Retro Candi Girl [jpeg, 9kB]

There is also a line of six Retro fashions in 50's style:

Follow this link for prototype pictures of these fashions.

Warning! The blue boots from "Entertaining Tonight" stain just as badly as the blue shoes from Christmas Candi. If you have this outfit, call HDS for replacement shoes.


Indianapolis Souvenir Candi Girl

[jpeg, 30kB] The Hoosiers' Mini-Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana (November 14-16, 1997), had a very special souvenir doll: auburn-haired Candi in a car-racing outfit designed by MiKelman. Thanks to Jeannine Gailey for sharing the picture. :-)


Putting on the Glitz Candi

[jpeg, 24kB] This is not an "official" Candi Girl by Hamilton Design Systéme but a small line of custom-made dolls sold through Paul David's catalog ($49.99). According to the catalog: "Hair styled by Dorinda Balanecki, Make-Up by MiKelman, Gown by Allyson Meche" My guess is they are not hand-painted but redressed regular "baggy" Candis. Anyway, it's a beautifull doll. Thanks a lot to Angie for the picture.

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