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Candi Girls for 1998

Retro Candis (second edition)

[two red heads; jpeg, 10kB] [brunette Ponytail Candi; jpeg, 15kB] [redhead and brunette Retro Candi with box; jpeg, 10kB] Dolls come as blonde, brunette (blue eyes), redhead or honey tone african-american (green eyes), either with Ponytail or Bubble hair style. They come in a slim cardboard box with drawings of Retro Candi fashions. Accessories are a black/white striped swimsuit (reminiscent of the first Bar*ies), black shoes with straps and black glasses.

Ponytail Candi [jpeg, 7kB] The ponytail is rooted similar to the hairstyle on vintage Bar*ie dolls: There is only one row of hair, and the top of the head is bald.

Retro Candi fashions:


Retro Cherisse

[Cherisse: full-length view; jpeg, 14kB] [Cherisse: close-up; jpeg, 10kB] The Cherisse dolls are not part of the Candi line but are produced by Integrity Toys for Paul David and MiKelman. Before the business relationship of Candi maker Helena Hamilton and Paul David broke, MiKelman designed the Retro Candi line. Retro Charisse features the same design--four ponytail dolls, four bubblecuts, and 6 Retro fashions which are very similar to Candi's.

[dressed; jpeg, 14kB] [undressed; jpeg, 14kB] [side view; jpeg, 23kB] Here is a brief comparison between my redhead bubble Candi and redhead bubble Cherisse. Cherisse has a different head mold, slightly different body (less rounded breasts and smaller butt--closer to classic Bar*ie figure), and different hands (overall smaller and pinky finger separated on left hand only). Cherisse's swimsuit is tagged "MiKelman", Candi's has a small gold sticker saying "Made in China". Candi's hair is softer, and, as for the red head, also a tone darker. Both dolls have collar bones, and the legs on both bend up to 90 degree. They also have about the same weigth (148g for Candi, 144g for Cherisse.) Both dolls come with (different) glasses and shoes. Cherisse has two pair of shoes: black Candi pumps (yes, the same that came with many Candis) and cheapo black sandals. Candi has black high-heels with straps.


Signature Series Candi

[jpeg, 12kB] All three dolls are made from the first Candi mold (african-american) and have red or rust colored hair. They are wearing long gowns with sequins, beads and glitter (see prototype picture at left).


New York Collection

New York Candis [jpeg, 20kB] Line of 12 designer inspired dressed dolls. Some of these are deferred to 1999. Originally, a line of separate fashions had been announced, too, but it has not been spotted yet.

[jpeg, 19kB] I have also heard collectors referring to these as "International Candi Girls". This is most likely due to one of Paul David's promotional postcards (shown here). It is done like a magazine cover with a picture of (prototype) Fifth Avenue Fortuny Candi Girl and the words "Candi International" at the top.

BTW, "Candi International" ist the name of HDS's magazine-type Candi catalog. Two issues have been produced so far.


Christmas Candi

There is a choice of 3 different Christmas Candi Girls. The dress pattern is the same, but fabric color, face mold and hair color vary. Their Make-Up has been designed by Ken Bartram.


Christmas Pin-Ups

[full-length view; jpeg, 24kB] Four different dolls wearing a little more than nothing: red lacy teddies with decorative bows, gloves, stockings, and shoes.



There are several shoe packs with Candi pumps in various colors. There is even a metallic shoe pack with metallic pumps in 6 colors (gold, silver, pink, ...).


Candi Rumours

These dolls had been talked about in 1997 as upcoming designs for 1998. However, they have not been seen so far.

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